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Tyler Special Operations Platform (TSOP)
TSOP Product Line
AS 350/355 Series STC# SR01449LA
MD 500 Series STC# SR01682LA
Bell 407 Series STC# SR01826LA
TSOP Overview

TSOP is tactical helicopter gear designed for improved mission safety and effectiveness. TSOP’s primary function: Transporting and deploying personnel (insertion/extraction, dive team or emergency evacuation response). TSOP is a pair of externally mounted platforms, equipped with anchor points for seatbelts or safety harnesses. TSOP and optional Fast Rope unit, offers fast-rope or rappel capability.

• Sniper platform.

• External transport & deployment of tactical teams.

• Fast-Rope and Rappel option.

• Safe Dive Team deployment.

• External cargo or rescue litter kit option.

• Emergency Rooftop Evacuation.

• Quick Installation, no tools required.

• Aerodynamic, lightweight design.

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TSOP & Fast Rope in action
Helicopter Special Operations

In the past, most law enforcement agencies transported and deployed their tactical teams by having them stand on the helicopter skids and grab handholds mounted to the side of the airframe. This can be rather precarious and awkward. The TSOP makes transporting & deploying personnel much safer.

LAPD in-action. Photo: Glenn Grossman
As one can see, the TSOP provides assault team members with a stable and safe platform. It also provides them with a tactical advantage when dealing with high-stress missions. The team can focus on the mission and potential threats rather than be preoccupied with standing on the skids and hanging onto the helicopter.
Sniper P.O.V.
Additional TSOP Photos
Please check out the Airborne Law Enforcement Association’s photo section on their website for additional photographs of the TSOP in action. Just “click” on the ALEA logo to go to their website.